Beyond the Blue Nebula - 100+ Digital Maps for Sci-Fi RPGs

Created by Loke Battle Mats

100+ Ready to Roll digital maps and 500+ map tiles & tokens to customise and build your own layouts! Suitable for any Sci-Fi RPG!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

All the maps, tiles & tokens files are now complete and on DrivethruRPG.
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 11:27:58 AM

The last files have been added into DriveThruRPG!

One of the Pegasus variant maps that has been added

And we are 100% complete. 

The files will appear automatically in your DriveThruRPG Library. You do not need to do anything! 

There is a list of the files added at the end of this update.

Getting Your Rewards

As a reminder your rewards are accessed via your Backerkit Pledge Manager survey under the Digital Rewards tab :) If you need to recover your survey you can go to to get the link resent.

And this wraps up Beyond the Blue Nebula! We have had a real blast drawing these maps and assets and we hope you enjoy adventuring with them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Up Next

We'll be back to Kickstarter next month and to find out more please keep an eye on our social media -

And we'll be announcing our next project shortly!

File Details

Here's a breakdown of everything that's been added:

  • Each ship map title has had a set of 1x1 hex tokens added, all zipped in to files named [SHIP NAME]
  • Blastnova has gained 2 Hull Breach variant maps (files are Blastnova Breach - VTT and Blastnova Breach - Print
  • Grim Liberation has had its exterior maps added (file is Grim-Liberation-Cruiser-Exterior-All
  • Pegaus has got 5 horror variant maps (files are Pegasus Scout Horror Variant -  VTT and Pegasus Scout Horror Variant -  Print
  • River Colony Ship has gain a 2 Cargo Deck maps (River Colony Ship Cargo Deck -  VTT and River Colony Ship Cargo Deck -  Print, 5 Horror maps (River Colony Ship Horror Variant -  VTT and River Colony Ship Horror Variant -  Print and 2 Derelict maps (River Colony Ship Derelict Variant -  VTT and River Colony Ship Derelict Variant -  Print
  • The Tiles and Tokens title has gained some cargo containers (, extra tiles like walls (Extra, the Derelict variant tiles (Derelict Variant and the Horror variant tiles (

Happy New Year to you all and thank you again for your support!

Matt & Tam

Loke Battle Mats

We'll lock Backerkit and charge cards on Friday
5 months ago – Thu, Jan 06, 2022 at 04:02:02 AM

Thank you to everyone who has completed their pledge manager survey!

We'll be locking orders and charging cards on Friday.

You still have time to complete your survey!

We'll leave the pledge manager open so if you haven't filled your survey out don't panic you still have time!

Thank you all again for your amazing support!

We'll be adding more files to your DriveThruRPG titles.

There are some stretch goals which are outstanding, and we'll add these to DriveThruRPG in the coming days. These will appear automatically in your DriveThruRPG library you don't need to do anything :)

As a quick reminder this is what's to be added:

  • 2 x Hull Breach variant maps
  • 4 x Nightmare variant maps
  • 2 x Derelict variant maps
  • Nightmare/Derelict themed Tiles (120+) 

There is also a cargo deck for the River Class Colony ship that we'll add to the initial release as well as the exterior maps for the Grim Liberation, some wall tiles and the small ship hex tokens which got missed from the upload. 

Exterior map for the Grim Liberation Cruiser (100x40)

Thanks All

Matt & Tam

Loke Battle Mats

How to complete the pledge manager
5 months ago – Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 02:57:03 AM

Surveys will be emailed out very soon.

You will need to complete your survey to receive the links to your rewards.

The survey will be emailed out from Backerkit. If you miss the email (it can end up in the lesser used email folders spam/clutter/junk/promotions etc) you can recover it by going to and entering the email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

What to expect - The survey knows how much you pledged in Kickstarter and what pledge level you backed. This information is pulled through into this survey already.

You are able to change your pledge level and add on some extras if you would like to.

If your card failed to charge in Kickstarter you will still be imported into the survey, but without a credit so you can pay for your pledge here instead.

How to complete your survey - 

The first screen will thank you for your support and show your pledge and pledge level, country, as well as have a big green GET STARTED button.

If  you would like to switch your pledge level you click the small link under the Get Started button.

If everything looks good hit the green button to get started!

The second screen is Add-Ons. You will see the optional purchases available to you. Either add to your basket (you will see your balance due, and shipping & VAT if applicable to you and the add-on you select, update on the right on the screen) or skip straight to the Next screen.

The Third Screen is where we confirm your address. We need everyone's address (even if you only have digital add-ons and we are not shipping anything to you) for our Tax records. Once you confirm your address you will hit Next to move to 

The Fourth Screen is your order confirmation. You will see a summary of all your items and this is where you will pay for any VAT and add-on purchases.

If you do not select any add-ons or have and VAT due (VAT only applies to UK & EU backers) then you can go straight to place your order.

If any balance is due you enter your card details here.

The Final Screen

This is where you get your digital download codes! Make sure you grab your codes before you close your survey 

(you can get back here from the Backerkit email or by recovering your survey via the link at the top of this update).

These codes, when clicked, will add the files automatically to your DriveThruRPG Library. When they are there you can download the files at your leisure. They don't expire.

You will be prompted to set up a DriveThruRPG account if you don't already have one. It is completely free.

(If you see the error code "exceeded maximum uses" this means the files are already in your library.

There's a lot of content coming your way, and we can highly recommend using the DriveThruRPG Library Client App to help manage all of those downloads.

Good News!

Already on pre-orders we have hit the final stretch goal so those files will be added to your rewards!

We're currently smoke testing the surveys and we'll hit go once we have everything checked and ready to roll.

Outstanding Maps

Almost everything is complete, there are just a couple of the stretch Goal rewards that are still to be finished, we'll update as those are added to the titles on DriveThruRPG (it's mostly variations so no new codes will be needed).

Happy holidays!

Matt & Tam

Loke Battle Mats

Add-Ons and what to expect from the pledge manager!
5 months ago – Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 07:20:30 PM

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Help us Plan Future Products!
6 months ago – Thu, Dec 09, 2021 at 04:04:51 AM

Help us plan future products!

Please can you share your thoughts with us on what future products you would like to see?

This will help us to understand what products we should be looking at and what designs to consider.

One of the main challenges with designing for the Sci-Fi sector is the sheer number of different systems and settings, and the different requirements they place on encounter maps. You feedback will really help us get things right!

Now we're back to work!

Matt has locked himself in the design studio to go over all the maps one last time. He is a perfectionist and there is a lot to go through so that should keep him busy!

While that happens the Backerkit Pledge Manager survey is being designed, checked, checked again and tested before being sent out!

Lets take a look at the progress on the G84-B Orbital Prison map, which was the map Matt was working on during the last Twitch stream. This is one of the larger base maps at 60x40 inches.

Due to the size of this map it's hard to see details, so here's a zoomed in look at a couple of those cells. 

With a toilet in each cell and some more around this floor of the prison, we have around 50 on this map, a new record for us!

You should expect your survey in 2 weeks.

There will be updates explaining how to fill it in.

As always please reach out if you have any questions!


Loke Battle Mats